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Tips For Finding The Right Nordic Walking Pole

Regardless of whether you are a Nordic walking expert or just a beginner, finding the right Nordic walking pole is not easy. Having the right Nordic walking stick can bring a whole new difference to your walking experience. Below are some guidelines that can assist you in finding the right Nordic walking stick for your needs. When finding a perfect Nordic walking pole, your first step should be to decide the right length for you. This is one of the most important factors when purchasing your Nordic stick.

If the pole you choose is too short or too long for your height, then it can feel quite uncomfortable or even lead to physical problems with time. When the tip of the pole is on the ground, and you are maintaining its grip, your elbows are supposed to be at a right angle. It is also essential to view the cloth used on a Nordic walking pole when looking for the right one for your needs. The materials used for making the main shaft of the pole can vary in a big way, thus making this consideration is very important. Mostly, among all the Nordic walking poles that are worth considering, they are either made of pure carbon fiber or contains carbon fiber.

The feel of the Nordic walking pole and its support can be profoundly influenced by the amount of carbon fiber used in it. Nordic walking sticks that are of high quality are the ones made of pure carbon fiber. Compared with the partial carbon fiber poles, these kinds are more shock absorbent and lighter. A Nordic walking pole that is made of pure carbon fiber is what you should invest in if you plan to walk on long distances or over uneven terrain. When searching for the right Nordic walking pole for you, it is also essential to consider the handles. You can choose your poles with handles made from either foam, plastic, or cork.

All these handles are replaceable in case they become worn out. Although cork is absorbent and gives you a nonslip grip, foam and plastic are more durable. It is also essential to consider your budget when looking for the right Nordic walking pole for your needs. You can be able to compare the different types of poles and their prices by either checking online or walking into a store. It is not enough to buy a Nordic walking pole just because it is cheap since it could cost you even more within a short period. It is advisable to budget on a quality pole if you are planning to be walking daily.

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