The boxes are problem-

For a long time, you're thinking about getting a different packaging material for shipping your goods, as your existing cardboard boxes seem increasingly less efficient. Well, just take it, what are their disadvantages. They are quite heavy compared to plastics and they also occupy quite a lot of space because they are bulky, and even if their inner space fails to fill up completely, you actually do nothing and you have to send a box that is half full of air. Well, it's getting upset by their eternal compositing, because when one has to do it in one hundred pieces a day, it will take quite a bit of time.
It wants something better
So you're saying that you should look around where there is some convenient plastic envelope wholesale that would sell postal plastic bags at a reasonable price and be able to flexibly deliver as many pieces as you need. For you, such a dispatch of goods in a light and storage plastic would have enough advantages and you are quite certain that you would save even a small amount on postage.