Czech Radio Online

Are you disgusted with long ads and don't want to listen to the radio again? Have you tried various radio stations and you have already poisoned? Then give us a chance, the Impuls radio will impress you! We are here with you and for you Radio Impuls will be your relaxed companion, whether your days […]

Cheap Driving License Acquisition

The Driving school we offer is the acquisition of super knowledge, quality driving and ultimately the possibility of having a driver's licence for the group you choose. You can learn a lot of perfect knowledge, perfectly control the vehicles of all sorts and categories and possess the driving licence of the group. Only the most […]

Relax, relax, relax. But when?

As you all know, rest is a very important thing, without which the life of none of us can do. You can also relax during weekends and holidays, but after a certain time you will not be enough to think about when you are actually going to retire in person. The figure is incredibly important, […]


With a fabric bag you'll shine with every purchase. You'll be at the center of attention because you can still be stylish when shopping. Unlike a bunch of other people who take a plastic bag and don't mind what it looks like. If at least you care about how you feel about the surroundings, get […]

No Life stage lasts forever

When to retire No life stage lasts forever, and so even if it does not seem, is it time for you to realistically think about retirement? You should find out as much information as possible so that you can make the right choice and choose the best time to leave for a well-deserved rest. Just […]

Accommodation Mountains

Cultural monuments, unbridled nature, beautiful landscapes, lots of kilometers of tourist and nature trails, clean air, beautiful view of the surrounding countryside, good food in mountain cottages and of course the accommodation of the mountain. Yes even so you can look like your perfect summer holiday, which will be in your memory not only thanks […]

Keep Order with shelves

Are you looking for a very modern and reliable way to store anything safely? That's why the shelves from Proman S. R. O. Are the right solution for you. Our company gives our customers only the best quality products and thanks to this you can rely on us in all, we guarantee you. Since our […]