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Preventive Ways of Bruxism

Sometimes, you may be diagnosed to have bruxism by your dentist, which may compel you to worry about your teeth. While most people experience this condition when they are asleep, there are instances where it happens during the day. The bruxist is usually awake during the day, and the sub-conscious is able to control its effects, making the condition more pronounced at night than day. Nonetheless, this condition is affecting millions of people all over the world. There are instances where the condition causes irreversible damages to the victim’s teeth, and it can sometimes host other health-related problems if it not treated well.

The condition has a number of symptoms and victims may have one or multiple symptoms in a go. The teeth tend to wear out abnormally, and this tells the dentist that you are likely to have bruxism. Due to the fact that teeth wear happens slowly over a very long period, you may not be able to notice it, unless you experience some pain. Dentists, however, are able to notice this condition early, which makes it necessary for you to seek dental check-up more often. TJM that affects your neck, jaws, or face can also be associated with bruxism because they end up causing discomfort when you sleep, hence you end up grinding your teeth.

There is a class of victims who encounter the condition whenever they chew gums, or when they have injured jaws. The other symptom of the condition is headache, which affects you every morning when you wake up from your sleep. However, regular headaches can only be associated with bruxism unless the person experiencing it has worn teeth and experiences teeth pain as well. Sore throats and earaches are another symptoms that victims are likely to experience as a result. This condition also makes it difficult for the victims to sleep well at night, and st times they may suffer from problems like snoring as well.

The effects of the condition can be prevented by orally applying the occlusal splints. These guards are used to prevent one’s teeth from grinding on each other causing wearing out. You are supposed to wear these guards at all times when you go to sleep to ensure your teeth don’t grind on themselves. These devices have different shapes and sizes, and only dentists can recommend the right ones for your teeth. Whereas these splints may not directly prevent teeth grinding, they play a major role in reducing teeth wear which minimizes the effects. You may as well try relaxation techniques to avoid stress and anxiety, which majorly contribute to the condition. You may as well try to meditate and undergo aromatherapy which enhances stress relieve, which will enhance your sleep.

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