Holiday Love

In front of the ice-cream booth, the advertising flags had been obstructed by Sabina's view, but on the other hand it was probably quite well covered by the one who had watched so stubby the other day. Well, she fell in love with her on holiday, though she didn't even talk to him.
Reach the boy
Not that she was going to, she had cramps in her stomach, she just thought. Going and reaching out to that wonderful boy with a surfboard and a bunch of friends and girlfriends–probably from school, would not give him more than himself–was, for her, a shy little girl from the village, absolutely impossible. Moreover, he heard him speak English, which is not the language in which he excelled, on the contrary; She was glad to say three words without a knock. She picked up her mixed fruit drink again and was satisfied with the observation from the distance, as always.