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How to Apply for Immigration Bond

After every year several immigration detainees are released from detention. By applying for an immigration bond, these detainees can be released from custody. However, applying for an immigration bond is very hard. You will need to follow certain steps to ensure that you are done with the application process. The following steps will guide you when you are applying for an immigration bond.

The initial step is to know if you have met the minimum threshold which allows you to apply for the immigration bond. People who have committed horrendous crimes will not be considered if they apply for the immigration bond. In situations where someone has been arrested in the past they need to seek legal counsel from their immigration lawyer who will advise them on what to do. The role of the immigration attorney is to tell you if your past crimes might affect your bid for the immigration bond. You also have an option to organize a hearing with a judge to life your past crimes if you feel that you were unfairly convicted. This will ensure that your past crimes do not prevent from getting the immigration bond.

In case you have qualified for the immigration bond, your fate lies on the hands of the ICE who will determine whether to accept the bond or not. However, an immigration judge can also make that decision. You have to look at the money the ICE has set aside to be paid as the immigration bond money. You can ask your lawyer to speak with the ICE to lower the amount if you feel that it is too high. Your lawyer should book a hearing, where the judge will listen to your case and determine whether you have all the qualifications to apply for the immigration bond.

The judge will then have to look for any evidence which proves that you are a dangerous person. The main role of the lawyer is to show the judge that you are not dangerous to anybody. The attorney also must show that you have the financial muscle to stay in America. Your lawyer should also prove that you have good ties among your family and community in America. In a bid to show you are worthy of the bond, your lawyer should prove that you know everything to do with the American culture and have a good relationship with the American people.

The will then scrutinize all the evidence before him. The judge will decide on your fate, and if you qualify for a bond, the bond money will be posted. You should pay the immigration bond as soon as possible with the help of your lawyer.

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