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Funny Home Renovations Quotes.

The Money Pit is a famous movie starring Tom Hanks alongside Shelley Long. Some DIY projects feel like the events in this movie. Some projects may not work out no matter how much time and effort you give. In all this, you will keep using your money. Bearing in mind that things may go wrong in your home renovation project may save you from digging yourself deeper into issue each passing day.

Nonetheless, everything is better with some humor which is why you should try that. You will have the zeal to get up and keep working once you get a good laugh. „Living through a home renovation is like living in the wild…you do whatever it takes to survive-Unknown Author.“ There are those moments where you will feel like you are living in the stone age. Even if the project is about renovating the kitchen, it might have you feeling like the first man who discovered fire.

Anything can happen during home renovations and the sooner you understand that the better. You get started and you come across a lot another wall behind the one at the surface and then it is a whole plethora of nails, screws, and boards. Also, your plan to move the kitchen island or take out the wall may seem doable on paper until you realize it is holding various sections together. In the wilderness, survival is all you have to think of and this is what it will turn to when you are finding your way around remodeling.

Another one goes like, „We’re having guests,,, your job is to stick these color swatches on the walls so that it looks like we’re doing something about this place.“ You will not be the first one to underestimate the time it will take to complete a project. The real joke is when you are making things up to appear like you are doing a lot. Color swatches are just the perfect diversion plan. It shows that the mess does not happen frequently.

„When I think about housework and renovations that need to be done I wish I could turn into a Sim.“ -Anonymous. If this was true it would mean making a few clicks and calling it a day. The Sim is a game where home renovations and Housework require no effort at all. The reality is not even close to that. Wouldn’t it just be perfect to because a Sim when a home renovation project is at hand?

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